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3009, 2017

A Little More About Me

By |September 30th, 2017|Living with Sz|Comments Off on A Little More About Me

My name is David Holloway. This post is for those who don’t know me or have just read some of my poems and have been directed here for the first time. I have a mental illness called schizophrenia. I first […]

2405, 2015

Nash’s Game Theory

By |May 24th, 2015|Humour, Living with Sz, Loss, Society|Comments Off on Nash’s Game Theory

Gatherer of lives


Mississippi blues




Home wrecker






David Harpur Holloway



310, 2014

imprisoned in their hold

By |October 3rd, 2014|Alone, Living with Sz|Comments Off on imprisoned in their hold

tired of the yelling,
they never seem to stop,
those voices keep on screaming,
shaking, black-eyed demons,
a grip on my lungs,
twisting up my brain,
laughing, jeering,
joking, sneering,
it never, ever falters,
the words keep on coming,
following my every move,
they never leave my sight,
and I’m imprisoned in […]

805, 2014

The Earth is Bipolar

By |May 8th, 2014|Alone, Insight, Living with Sz, Philosophical, Senses, Symptoms|Comments Off on The Earth is Bipolar

Sleepless nights,
Time has become meaningless.
Pareidolic faces in the clouds,
I am seeing patterns and meanings behind things,
Diagnosis: apophenia
Secret personal messages
in the glowing box in the corner,
Guiding, mocking, scolding…
Initiation to the modern world.
Schadenfreude voyeuristic tabloid,
Telling me how I’m inadequate.

My hands and feet […]

401, 2013

The Switch

By |January 4th, 2013|Alone, Anti-Stigma, Bullying, Living with Sz, Loss, Mind Games, Mistrust, Paranoia, Stigma, Trapped|Comments Off on The Switch

Flick the switch..that’s what
they say

on, off, on off,
it’s in people’s heads,
one flick and you’re gone…..

The switch, the disability switch-
he’s weird, she’s strange,
he’s a fool….

Don’t hang around him….

He’s handsome but he’s damaged,
why he might hurt you..

flick the switch, forget
about them….off,
fade to […]

1912, 2012

One Billion Chances

By |December 19th, 2012|Anti-Stigma, Compassion, I Love You, Insight, Living with Sz, Loss, Political, Stigma, Suicide, Trapped, Uncategorized, Victimisation, Voices|Comments Off on One Billion Chances

In every schizophrenic
there is…

1000000000 reasons why?

1000000000 excuses

1000000000 tears

1000000000 suicides

1000000000 voices

give them

1000000000 smiles

1000000000 times for salvation

1000000000 hearts

1000000000 kisses

1000000000 chances

David Holloway (c) 2012

511, 2012


By |November 5th, 2012|Humiliation, Insight, Living with Sz, Stigma|Comments Off on Pigeons

it is not the weak

          and feeble who

                     should be judged

                      as pigeons in the


702, 2012


By |February 7th, 2012|Living with Sz, Stigma|Comments Off on Exhibition

On the 21st January I took part in an exhibition in Bedford to celebrate the launch of new creative workshops (123 Create) in an old renovated restaurant with Bedford Creative Arts. I am part of a group of artists’ called […]

1701, 2012

Sleep Disturbance

By |January 17th, 2012|Living with Sz|Comments Off on Sleep Disturbance

Before I became ill and later diagnosed with schizophrenia, I had had suicidal thoughts. I knew these thoughts were unusual, and therefore I blocked them out, especially at night-time. I had sleep disturbances for as long as I can remember. I […]

208, 2011

What is Schizophrenia?

By |August 2nd, 2011|Living with Sz, Sz Tips|2 Comments

“I thought of the voices as… something a little different from aliens. I thought of them more like angels… It’s really my subconscious talking, it was really that… I know that now”
John Nash -Nobel prize winner.

Schizophrenia is a major mental […]

1607, 2011

Famous People with Schizophrenia

By |July 16th, 2011|Living with Sz, Sz Tips|15 Comments

Peter Green- Fleetwood Mac founder and guitarist.

Brian Wilson- Vocalist and main composer for the
Beach Boys.

Andy Goram- Scottish national and Glasgow Rangers goalkeeper.

Megan Fox -Model/Actress from the film “Transformers”.

Eduard Einstein- Son of Albert Einstein.

Wesley Willis- Singer.

John Nash- Professor of mathematics, […]

607, 2011


By |July 6th, 2011|Living with Sz, Why Do I Write|Comments Off on Digital Art (REALITY-SANITY)

This is a piece of art that I have designed today. It shows what a schizophrenic (me) sees in his abstract mind. There are only two paths to take, ‘reality’ or ‘sanity’. The painting shows that the path to ‘sanity’ includes […]

2806, 2011


By |June 28th, 2011|Living with Sz, Uncategorized|1 Comment

On Twitter I now have a ‘Poem of the Day’ to read. These poems will not necessarily be about mental illness and will include, love, romance, topical news, life, insight… and the list goes on. Please follow me on twitter […]

2206, 2011


By |June 22nd, 2011|Dark, Insight, Living with Sz|11 Comments

We were made
perfectly, not so others
could take advantage
of us and be trampled on.
We have a light inside of
our eyes that was not
created to see despair
unless the faded lies of
paper dreams are real.
Nothing makes my heart
beat miss anymore.
The ‘red light’ of […]

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