1911, 2014


By |November 19th, 2014|Alone, Friendship, Lonely, Stigma|Comments Off on Popularity

I have to convince the world
about who I am,
to become somebody,
not the odd man in dark sunglasses,
the psycho killer,
the benefit scrounger.
These benefits streets are not paved with

I am the lion of madness,
an owner of words,
farmer of doubts.
I want to spread […]

2707, 2014


By |July 27th, 2014|Alone, Introspection, Lonely, Lost, Sanity, Suicide, Voices|Comments Off on War

Arguing and yelling
Doubting and threatening
Battle of the voices
I’m dying to stop the noises
Maybe so
End my life
Win the war
Prozac is in store
60mg pop em and swallow
My life routine
Someone save me,
This internal battle
Will be the end of me
They won
My life
The war

By: Keisha

1203, 2014

The Test of Heroes

By |March 12th, 2014|Alone, Insight, Introspection, Lonely, Lost, Paranoia, Philosophical, Trapped, War|Comments Off on The Test of Heroes

Alone with myself in a situation that pits my own wits against my own wits,
a fight within myself that cannot be won.
A tangent on a pile of tangents left to wander, lost within itself,
in an infinite loop of paranoia that […]

602, 2014

Weeping Willow

By |February 6th, 2014|Confusion, Introspection, Life, Lonely, Loss, Lost, Nature|Comments Off on Weeping Willow

The Willow stands central in the garden,
Weeping onto winter’s bitter shoulder.
I hear her crying in the dead of night,
I pull a pillow over my head;
But the sadness still remains.

Her slumped trunk,
Her sagging skin,
A vertical eye forever open.
Her branches hang like […]

1407, 2013


By |July 14th, 2013|Alone, Dark, Fear, Lonely, Mind Games, Suicide, Trapped, Voices|Comments Off on insanity

These voices in my head so loud and so true, you must end your life you tell me to do.
Your deep dark voice it spreads through my brain, you got me feeling I’m very insane.
I sob and I cry and […]

406, 2013

Deaf Ears / Voices of the Lost

By |June 4th, 2013|Consciousness, Dreams, Imagination, Insight, Introspection, Life, Lonely, Loss, Nature, Spiritual, Voices|Comments Off on Deaf Ears / Voices of the Lost

Darkness falls over the land.
Speech is lost.
Deaf ears hear voices of the lost.
We speak with thick tongues and our voices are those of the message.
To receive, to deny, we care not, only that you hear us, we who are lost. […]

404, 2013

Just Him Again

By |April 4th, 2013|Alone, I Love You, Lonely, Loss|Comments Off on Just Him Again

As young and pretty I watched you grow
I hoped that time would help us know
We talked a little and fought a lot
But love was my basis for all thought
I hoped and dreamed of a life with joy
I never wanted your […]

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