3012, 2015

Hypnotic Television

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Look into their eyes,
in the gurning live presenter’s face.
Look how they purvey
an expression of
anti-schizophrenia. They
express what we lack—facial
reading, cartoon like selfie smiles. Look,
you see the telepromter in their buzzing
radiating eyes.

Be aware
of mirroring the box with […]

1803, 2015

Fox News

By |March 18th, 2015|Conspiracy, Current Events, Media, New World Order, Political, Racism, Stereotypes|Comments Off on Fox News

It is the channel of
Manchurian candidates.
The age of unenlightenment:
materialism, bigotry, and
ignorance whip up
a frenzy of “faux”

Fox news is a cat o’nine tails
controlled by an elite who make
their careers out of
“war talk” for the
Republican party

Presenters have used the
word “jigaboo”, […]

2102, 2015

Age Of Unenlightenment

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1901, 2015

The Liberal Left

By |January 19th, 2015|Current Events, Media, Political, Television|Comments Off on The Liberal Left

In the diary room Katy Hopkins nominates Nadia
Sawalha on day 12 to be evicted, for coming from the liberal
left because
she is annoying and she has sided with
or appeased a nobhead like Perez, the celebrity

Her antics in the Big Brother […]

3110, 2013

The Digger

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David Holloway (c)

2210, 2013


By |October 22nd, 2013|Anti-Stigma, Current Events, Empowerment, Media, Sanity, Shame, Society, Stigma|Comments Off on Normal

Am I normal?
Let’s be frank and informal
No, I am not.
But who to define the normal’s format?
Look at Miley,
Used to be nice and smiley,
But now all strange and odd…
What’s behind her façade?
Same as behind me
As I turned thirty-three…
I used to be […]

1111, 2011


By |November 11th, 2011|Current Events, Media|2 Comments

An authority figure,
For the unawakened mass,
Atheism is preached to us all
It leaves audience’s aghast,

The illusion of society
Is our children’s darkest age,
When will they learn not to pacify
Us with parsley and sage,

Sure some of their tales,
Are informative and distinct,
But if we […]

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