1610, 2013


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I am the sound of rattling pill bottles.
I am the emptying of your bank account.
I am a million unused memberships.
I am broken bottles scattered across a playground on the nice side of town.

I am every missed call you had that […]

1310, 2012


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Today I heard voices upon awakening-
They were screaming “I want to kill you”
In this moment of madness I turned my head, and found myself alone.
I thought I had heard footsteps and believed that
These voices were coming from hell-

But again I […]

2004, 2012

My Psychiatrist

By |April 20th, 2012|Audio, Delusion, Medication, Mind Games, Paranoia|Comments Off on My Psychiatrist

My psychiatrist is a C.I.A. Agent
I know this to be true
You’d better watch out
He may be watching you

He poisons me daily
By giving me pills
That cloud my mind
And make me ill

His cameras spy
On my every move
As I try to flee
And escape […]

1404, 2012

Nothin’ To Feel (flat effect)

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No control
No awareness
No laughs out loud,
No warm sunshine,
No tastes from supper,
No joy of sex,
No reasons to love,
No right or wrong,
No high from life,
No comfort,
No need for music,
No love of friends,
No conscience,
No repression,
No eloquence,
No expression,
No pride,
No ego,
No protection,
No life,
No saviour,
No desire,
No […]

203, 2012


By |March 2nd, 2012|Audio, Dark, Medication, Mind Games, Symptoms|2 Comments

Nerves crashing through a mind
Electricity alive and vibrant
We move much like them
In a hurry to see where we go
People to do and things to see
Rush and hustle move right along
Is there no end to this bustle?
Thoughts cannot be controlled
A whirlwind […]

2404, 2011


By |April 24th, 2011|Dark, Insight, Medication, Mind Games, Psychosis|29 Comments

Human ‘madness’
of possibility,
‘waves’ of power
and frequency,
Release me from
the indignations of
my past,
Take me through
the ‘looking-glass’.
Abstain me from
the chains of life’s
‘broken thoughts’,
which morbidly act-
out for nightmares,
so wrought.
The soul needs
to sing to my sugar-
coated pills,
By making the
‘sedated’ brains be
resolute and […]

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