1803, 2015

Fox News

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It is the channel of
Manchurian candidates.
The age of unenlightenment:
materialism, bigotry, and
ignorance whip up
a frenzy of “faux”

Fox news is a cat o’nine tails
controlled by an elite who make
their careers out of
“war talk” for the
Republican party

Presenters have used the
word “jigaboo”, […]

1901, 2015

The Liberal Left

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In the diary room Katy Hopkins nominates Nadia
Sawalha on day 12 to be evicted, for coming from the liberal
left because
she is annoying and she has sided with
or appeased a nobhead like Perez, the celebrity

Her antics in the Big Brother […]

2111, 2014

As Above So Below

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The wheel
of life moves everything in turn.

Each spoke of the wheel appears
in line with a natural
order of things.
Godly ideas exist
in humanity, in the heavenly
carpet of space
and on earth.
As above
so below.

Each individual wheel is tested and
refined with pinpoint precision
by God, and […]

2206, 2013

I’m Sick not Unemployed

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I’m in receipt of E.S.A.
It’s not the way
I should be paid.
To apply full academic rigour
The word “employment”
Should not figure,
In any benefit I receive.
It seems they’re trying
To deceive.
One day I’ll get
Universal Credit,
And there’ll be no LIE-
Well there, I’ve said it!

Kevin Green […]

305, 2013

Rambling Rave

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caught in a maelstrom
I sit in stillness

to see sisters suffering
and begging brothers breaking

it goes on
as do drones
that kill children

my unreality
just doesn’t compare
with the viciousness
of ‘reality’

question it
the answers
bring up more
Tangent followers
tie us up
in knots
drilling down so deep

down the rabbit hole

we exist […]

1504, 2013


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Schizophrenia is often
idealised by the desire to
know the law of God and a
love for spiritual gifts, or the
hatred of money and power.
It’s a state of opposites, or
so it seems, as poverty is
compounded by the
philosophy of ‘saints’.
Yet nobody believes in
their badges […]

1104, 2013

Tower of Babel

By |April 11th, 2013|Insight, Political, Spiritual, Stigma|Comments Off on Tower of Babel

Broken words escape
from my mouth like a
fiery lightning bolt.
They electrify
the air and
strike tall towers
and structures-
those principalities
that mislead the
people.Their speech
which originates from
Babel is more
eloquent but it
is political, it has
a place on Earth,
but not the heavens,
for it is too pompous
and contemptuous.
The world […]

1103, 2013

Society 1

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In the lives of broken men, lay all the pieces needed to put the world back together.

David Holloway (c) 2013

1912, 2012

One Billion Chances

By |December 19th, 2012|Anti-Stigma, Compassion, I Love You, Insight, Living with Sz, Loss, Political, Stigma, Suicide, Trapped, Uncategorized, Victimisation, Voices|Comments Off on One Billion Chances

In every schizophrenic
there is…

1000000000 reasons why?

1000000000 excuses

1000000000 tears

1000000000 suicides

1000000000 voices

give them

1000000000 smiles

1000000000 times for salvation

1000000000 hearts

1000000000 kisses

1000000000 chances

David Holloway (c) 2012

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