112, 2014

Dear Life

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Oh how these vapid years
Have passed by,
Drawn out and dragging with them
The haunted remnants of my psyche,
And as their cold, blistering wake
Cuts through me
I am left unfeeling, unnerved
And at your door,
For in your absence I have floundered
In these icy depths
And […]

712, 2013

The Waters of Life

By |December 7th, 2013|Hope, Insight, Life, Philosophical, Salvation, Spiritual|Comments Off on The Waters of Life

the joyous
waters of life.
Nourish compassion
with graceful fountains of
love, replenished with caring.
Bathe in the light of awareness.
Drench your soul with spirit’s sense of peace.
Shine forever, cleansed by raindrops of hope.

Pam Crouse (c)

2407, 2013

Loving You

By |July 24th, 2013|Philosophical, Religious, Salvation|Comments Off on Loving You

Loving you is the breath of my life—
Loving you, even if it hurts…
Thinking of you, seeking your favor—
My King, my Lord, my life!

I don’t want to get all busy
Pleasing others, playing their violin
I don’t want to suffer from my rejections—
I […]

2808, 2012


By |August 28th, 2012|Dark, Demonic, Dreams, Fantasy, Loss, Lost, Manic, Paranoia, Psychosis, Reality, Religious, Salvation, Supernatural, Symptoms, Trapped, Voices|Comments Off on Salvation

Trapped within a crowd of hellish strangers
I shy away as they vindictively look into my eyes and
Presumptuously, steal my thoughts-
Laughter fills the air- as
Their voices terrorize- simultaneously the voices inside of my mind echo in an
Attempt to comfort, to placate […]

1902, 2011

Let Me Think

By |February 19th, 2011|Audio, Compassion, Delusion, Insight, Inspirational, Introspection, Philosophical, Recovery, Religious, Salvation, Society, Soul, Spiritual, Trapped|2 Comments

Those men who stole the
stars from the sky,
and put the universe into
his own mind’s eye

He swallowed the chains
coming from the world,
and fell in love with
Mother Nature’s girl.

He took the words that
the devil spoke,
and tried to fix every
hole that society broke

When […]

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