510, 2014


By |October 5th, 2014|Dark, Religious, Senses, Trapped|Comments Off on Darkness

Like a spider that climbs up your hand
Black, with white crest across its belly
Which paralyzes your senses;

Like a snake with brown diamonds
on its slender body
With a tongue that sticks out a warning:
Stay away!

So is the darkness that can be felt
Moving […]

805, 2014

The Earth is Bipolar

By |May 8th, 2014|Alone, Insight, Living with Sz, Philosophical, Senses, Symptoms|Comments Off on The Earth is Bipolar

Sleepless nights,
Time has become meaningless.
Pareidolic faces in the clouds,
I am seeing patterns and meanings behind things,
Diagnosis: apophenia
Secret personal messages
in the glowing box in the corner,
Guiding, mocking, scolding…
Initiation to the modern world.
Schadenfreude voyeuristic tabloid,
Telling me how I’m inadequate.

My hands and feet […]

1610, 2013


By |October 16th, 2013|Insight, Introspection, Life, Medication, Sanity, Senses, Society|Comments Off on me

I am the sound of rattling pill bottles.
I am the emptying of your bank account.
I am a million unused memberships.
I am broken bottles scattered across a playground on the nice side of town.

I am every missed call you had that […]

1610, 2013

Unearthly Beings

By |October 16th, 2013|Consciousness, Dark, Delusion, Fantasy, Mind Games, Psychosis, Senses, Spiritual, Supernatural, Symptoms|Comments Off on Unearthly Beings

I see them, they are so real.
They fade as soon as they learn that I am awake and see them watching me.
They are concealed with bright yellow light, just a shape is there for me to behold.
Last night it was […]

1510, 2013

The Schizophrenic Train

By |October 15th, 2013|Confusion, Dark, Fear, Lost, Mind Games, Paranoia, Senses|Comments Off on The Schizophrenic Train

The schizophrenia train runs straight through your brain it is signalled by destruction and it leaves you insane. You travel in darkness in the middle of night as it leaves reality you beg for the light. It's a one way ticket to hell as you arrive at the station. The devil leaves you with nothing but antipsychotic medication. You begin to panic you must be free some jump the train to safety The ticket is bought like you; your soul taken in vain- there are no stops on the schizophrenic train. @schizpoetry
2907, 2013


By |July 29th, 2013|Consciousness, Life, Loss, Recovery, Sanity, Senses, Shame, Soul, Trapped|Comments Off on Shattered

I see the life,
I used to know,
Out of the corner of my eye,
The endless possibility and the pain.
The beauty and nobility,
The men and the women.
I feel the peace of life,
Enfold me in the gentle rain.
I see my soul,
In the leaves […]

3001, 2013

On Arrival at Accident & Emergency

By |January 30th, 2013|Anxiety, Senses, Suicide|Comments Off on On Arrival at Accident & Emergency

“I’m going to kill myself”, I told the nurse.
“OK,” she said. “We’ll need some details first.”

“I’m about to kill myself,” I told the doctor as he sat by
the door.

After a glance at his notes, he asked, “Mr. Benjamin,

are you sure?”

“I’ll […]

601, 2013

When I Lost Myself

By |January 6th, 2013|Alone, Confusion, Dark, Introspection, Lost, Senses, Trapped, Voices|Comments Off on When I Lost Myself

There are those who are forever searching and
After many decades have passed lose themselves to another world-
Although with much certainty and disillusionment
I can hardly remember living much of a life in
This world where people walk with confidence and self-assurance […]

2411, 2012

Right Unilateral

By |November 24th, 2012|Consciousness, Imagination, Reality, Senses, Sensual, Voices|Comments Off on Right Unilateral

In the midst of this room
I lie still as they put the IV into the crook of my arm- I wince.
A rolled up towel is placed beneath my neck, and
A sheet to cover my legs-
I see flies hovering about the […]

1309, 2012

Life in the land of the Dead

By |September 13th, 2012|Dark, Death, Loss, Lost, Panic, Psychosis, Senses, Trapped|Comments Off on Life in the land of the Dead

I live in the land of the dead.
Upon this path I have taken my walk alone.
My feet would hit the ground with hard and steady steps.
I hear cymbals crashing and the tuneful rhythm of the beating of drums.
I have lost […]

2208, 2012

Flight of the Imagination

By |August 22nd, 2012|Alone, Dark, Dreams, Imagination, Insight, Senses, Soul, Spiritual, Time|Comments Off on Flight of the Imagination

An array of voices command within
Flight of the imagination-
A tree growing crookedly,
Sprouting from the depths of oblivion-
I believe I have seen a rainbow dancing with
The rays of the sun appearing over the horizon, as it
Rises above the clouds, crimson and […]

3007, 2012


By |July 30th, 2012|Delusion, Philosophical, Senses, Spiritual, Supernatural, Symptoms|Comments Off on Superpowers

Is he enlightened by
the insight he craves from a
numerology website? He thinks that
the number 5 is irrational and
a tarot reading using his name and birthday
combined reveal an inner part of his fate.
When he thinks about the Holy Spirit his powers
emanate […]

2007, 2012

One Two Three

By |July 20th, 2012|Manic, Mind Games, Panic, Philosophical, Reality, Senses, Symptoms|1 Comment

No longer schizophrenic
This has made me feel so manic
Even frantic
Because now they’re saying
It’s a matter of semantics
Because I appear so well
To schizophrenia, with it the hell
So now it’s a moody brain
That thought is just insane
Fix me. I know it’s such […]

2205, 2012


By |May 22nd, 2012|Alone, Audio, Dark, Mind Games, Psychosis, Senses, Symptoms|1 Comment

Falling from the heavens I can only envision
My haemorrhaging heart and my thinking
Are running overtime… I try as always and
None but consecutively to reach for the sky
Blood is cascading, I cannot arrest—
My eyes are kaleidoscopic and spiraling
Downward then upward
My lips […]

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