1410, 2017

Mr. Shadow

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I watch from the wall. He laughs and smiles so cheerfully. Only I know how he really feels. He lies for the other children’s appeals. I watch him every day, he always says, “I’m okay”. He has my back when […]

2405, 2015

Nash’s Game Theory

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Gatherer of lives


Mississippi blues




Home wrecker






David Harpur Holloway



2201, 2015

The Dead of Winter

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How can this be?
who is to blame?
A human who suffers
Is never the same.

They’re dumped from the hospital
and shelters and warmth,
to wander the streets
in clothes tattered and torn.

So many pass by
closing eyes to the truth
they don’t want to help
They haven’t a […]

1812, 2013

This is Who I am

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I suffer from schizophrenia…

Now I realize a lot of people’s reaction to that will be ‘knife-wielding maniac’, ‘Norman Bates’, ‘Hannibal Lecter’ or even ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’.

Trust me when I tell you ‘I’ve heard them all before’. Now, don’t get me […]

2210, 2013


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Am I normal?
Let’s be frank and informal
No, I am not.
But who to define the normal’s format?
Look at Miley,
Used to be nice and smiley,
But now all strange and odd…
What’s behind her façade?
Same as behind me
As I turned thirty-three…
I used to be […]

1610, 2013


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I am the sound of rattling pill bottles.
I am the emptying of your bank account.
I am a million unused memberships.
I am broken bottles scattered across a playground on the nice side of town.

I am every missed call you had that […]

2206, 2013

I’m Sick not Unemployed

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I’m in receipt of E.S.A.
It’s not the way
I should be paid.
To apply full academic rigour
The word “employment”
Should not figure,
In any benefit I receive.
It seems they’re trying
To deceive.
One day I’ll get
Universal Credit,
And there’ll be no LIE-
Well there, I’ve said it!

Kevin Green […]

1103, 2013

Society 1

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In the lives of broken men, lay all the pieces needed to put the world back together.

David Holloway (c) 2013

1902, 2011

Let Me Think

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Those men who stole the
stars from the sky,
and put the universe into
his own mind’s eye

He swallowed the chains
coming from the world,
and fell in love with
Mother Nature’s girl.

He took the words that
the devil spoke,
and tried to fix every
hole that society broke

When […]

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