On the 21st January I took part in an exhibition in Bedford to celebrate the launch of new creative workshops (123 Create) in an old renovated restaurant with Bedford Creative Arts. I am part of a group of artists’ called Infinite29 please visit their website, it’s full of great art, and wonderful talent. I submitted a poem about racism, ‘Skin of the Mortals’ and a t-shirt design I had especially made. The exhibition was a good success, with lots of people attending. This T-shirt design below is called ‘Mind Over Medication‘.
Mind Over Medication

There was free food, music, and drink, with lots of onlookers mingling with wide eyed amusement. This was my first exhibition, and I learned some valuable lessons. Poetry does not transcend as well as visual art, which is why I desired to create something different from my usual poems. I am usually just a writer, but I do have lots of visual ideas that come to mind, so the t-shirt design reflected my personality well, and my friends who attended the exhibition loved it. There will be more exhibitions in the later parts of 2012 and I think it they will be bigger and better. I really want to be a part of any future plans, if I can. One of the t-shirts was a design that shows the transformation from schizophrenia to recovery, with butterflies meaning transformation. This design below was a collaboration between my sister and I. It did not come out as well as intended. And there was not enough room to exhibit it, which was a big disappointment for me.


In the next few weeks I will be posting some poems from my first book, (The Colours of Schizophrenia) which can be purchased in paperback on this site, just click on ‘store‘, or visit iBooks, and Barnes and Noble for the ebook. These poems are my best collection of poetry, and many of them will appear on this website for the first time. I have been working on my next poetry book which atm has a working title of the ‘Bridge‘, and will feature life poems that ‘bridge the gap’ between my schizophrenia and the real world. The book of poems will not be directly related to schizophrenia. I think writing about the world outside of schizophrenia is a natural process in my recovery, where the end of the maze becomes in touching distance.

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