Peter Green– Fleetwood Mac founder and guitarist.

Brian Wilson– Vocalist and main composer for the
Beach Boys.

Andy Goram– Scottish national and Glasgow Rangers goalkeeper.

Megan Fox -Model/Actress from the film “Transformers”.

Eduard Einstein– Son of Albert Einstein.

Wesley Willis– Singer.

John Nash– Professor of mathematics, and nobel prize winner, also depicted in the film, “Beautiful Mind”.

Syd Barret– Pink Floyd founder member and composer.

Mary Todd Lincoln – Wife of Abraham Lincoln,16th president of the USA.

Tom Harrell– Jazz musician.

Nathaniel Ayer – Cello player depicted in (The soloist) a film about a man who dropped out of Julliard.

Vaslav Nijinsky– Russian male ballet dancer.

Lional Aldrige -American footballer in the 1960’s.

Clara Bow– Hollywood actress.

Veronica Lake– Hollywood actress.

Charles Bolden -A founder of jazz music.

Jack Karouac– Beatnik writer in 1950’s.

Vincent van Gogh– Infamous painter.


Megan Fox has reported to the press she has schizophrenia, but is undiagnosed, and Jack Karouac was diagnosed by the US navy.Vincent van Gogh was never officially diagnosed.

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