In the fiery
pits of hell where
man’s virtues have
gone astray,

There are blisters
of lust that have
been left to

And the scars of
gluttony appear
all over my

Where the great
worm is filled
with mud and

And instead of
receiving a

There are questions
to answer and
crosses to bear,

And greed has
overcome man who
must surely wait,

Until the anger
inside us all has
reached the seventh

And the soul becomes
trapped in the coffin
of the dead,

Where the mentally
ill souls have
to walk and tread,

And the three rings
of violence
sing to the Lord,

Where murder, suicide,
and blasphemy are
cut down with
His sword,

And then the fraud
of eight circles
is made known
to the mind,

For the schism
of deception
blurs the sacred

And with cold
disguise the flames
have been dowsed
with lies,

And man escapes
through the Earth
and its reflection
under starry skies,

By David Holloway (c)

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