Welcome to hell, all highways lead there in this place, there is no sanctuary! Everywhere is hell here. The highway, the rest stops and the destination, I seek for solace in the woods and in the city, with friends and enemies, but the closest thing to home, I have found in a needle. I want to drink my life away and bleed out, but the wicked revel in making me suffer. There will be no shelter here, the front line is everywhere, I’m being torn apart, tearing my reality at the seams, amid the screams of my inner child, they don’t know truth and if they do, they pollute it and seek to mute it. I’m suited up for the apocalypse, the after effects of too many shrooms has my mind reeling, the ogres and trolls who traverse this land are unforgiving, hearts gone cold and rotted away, crumbled like a mighty stone, you say you love, so you rape, you say you want, so you take, this life is a mistake, I cannot relate to the hate that spews forth from your mouths in the name of love. Just give me more drugs, to fill my mind with insanity again, give me more pills till I am filled to the brim, rape me with a needle, ask my consent, but it makes no difference, you will do your worst either way, would I be wrong to say you will pay? For the innocence you’ve sodomized like so many lies from the politicians mouth, I’m stuck to this couch, with cotton mouth, amid shouts and screams that got me feeling terror. Feels like I’m choking on cat hair, as I stare out into space, soul raped, I am forsaken, you have taken my last hope away. I don’t want to feel because it would be too much to bear, ensnared in the trap laid for me, I have traded innocence with insanity, scripture for profanity, the need to die is the lamb in me, that yearns to be set free, like he who was hung from a tree. Cross my heart and hope to die, I want to do right, I want to wear white, I want to be like starlight in the black abyss, but I twist like snakes possessing my legs, my mind cracked open like an egg and fried on a skillet, heated by the fires of hell! I cannot come out of my shell, for I fear the wrath of the devil, who has occupied the minds of all those who walk the earth around me. There is no value in life, it has given way to hell.

By: Bornstein

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