I have Schizophrenia and my enemy is not without but it is within (me).

I know sometimes people fight battles with other people who may be against them for whatever reason.
I fight a daily battle with my voices, with my visual hallucinations and with my painful past memories that is my struggle.
This struggle is my own. I fight this battle because I refuse to give up on myself and having Hope for my life.
My childhood memories of being picked on by other kids and my reality of self acceptance now in my 30s to me is a real indication that there is a healer of dis-ease and any problem a person may have.
The kids used to tease me so bad about being dark skinned when I was a child that other people noticed it.
In my teenage years I felt like I was overweight and I was. I was not obese yet but I felt very self conscious about myself and even though boys liked me both Black and White I did not know what to do with my “admirers”. I am still a virgin and I would not sleep with any man unless he put a ring on it, as the expression goes.

Ayesha Karim

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