Schizophrenia Is Merely A Word (2017) Pamela Spiro Wagner, Georgina Wakefield, John Raubenheimer, David Holloway.

This book is rich in the unseen valley of schizophrenia. The poems deal with among many things, love, stigma, psychosis, and paranoia. Written by four poets; each one is unique in delivering a message about schizophrenia in their own way. “In this rare collection of poems we are invited into the turbulent and unforgiving world of schizophrenia. From unique insights into the everyday struggles to soaring moments of transcendence, these poets dazzle, translating psychosis into a language meaningful to all, and lighting a world that is so often abandoned to darkness.” Mary E. Hanley, poet and Shakespeare devotee

The Colours of Schizophrenia (2011)

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The poems concern a struggle for sanity, and describe living and coping with paranoid schizophrenia. The book clearly represents psychosis, and the struggle to reach out and deal with the past and present experience, whilst bearing the future in mind. You will discover poems about love, desire, hope, depression, delusion, insight, and the rainbow of colours in schizophrenia. These colours symbolise moods. Each person has their own colour. The book cover depicts hearts and is inspired by Egyptian papyrus, ‘The Book of Hearts’. It is the oldest medical document in history. The Egyptians believed schizophrenia to be an illness of the heart. There are 70 plus poems in paperback, and 80 included in the ebook. The poetry book was published by NHS South Essex Partnership Trust (SEPT). It was featured in, ‘My Colourful Life With Schizophrenia’ in the journal, Cutting Edge Psychiatry in Practice (2011). In the journal I have written an honest and insightful account of my illness. And I hope you will join me in my journey through each of my colours. The ebook is available for free at iBooks and Barnes & Noble or Smashwords


“David Holloway is a remarkable young man who finds writing poetry very cathartic. To be able to express himself in the way that he does is a gift and long may it continue”.

Georgina Wakefield

Author, public speaker, carer, film maker.