[audio:https://schizophreniapoetry.com/file/2011/04/Subconscious-1.mp3|titles=Subconscious ]

Human ‘madness’
of possibility,
‘waves’ of power
and frequency,
Release me from
the indignations of
my past,
Take me through
the ‘looking-glass’.
Abstain me from
the chains of life’s
‘broken thoughts’,
which morbidly act-
out for nightmares,
so wrought.
The soul needs
to sing to my sugar-
coated pills,
By making the
‘sedated’ brains be
resolute and shrill,
And the doctors
have forgotten the
‘abstract’ brain,
has obtrusions
to seek out love’s
pleasures or pain.
But I pray to
the heart; so that
a cure will shortly
be found, that
unites the minds
of the fallen, with
a folie a deux
of ‘clowns’

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