Here you can submit a poem about schizophrenia/schizo-affective disorder/or any schizoid related mental illness. All copyright remains with you the author. Please state your name, and email address so I can contact you if needed (email will not be published).

Please don’t be dismayed if I don’t publish your poem. I do read them all. Keep posting and looking at the type of poetry on the site, for tips on what works well. I promise you if your poetry is suitable I will post it eventually. All types of poetry are accepted except offensive material. My heroine is the well known poet, Pamela Spiro Wagner. Please refer to her poetry. I admire her work.

Now you can submit quotes, memes, captions, schizophrenia songs, and art. Just upload your chosen file below.

Poetry competitions will be run each year. Please choose the competition category when you want to enter, and use meta tags on your poem. The next one will begin in February 2015, with details to follow.

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