it goes with the territory-end
of the millennium, end of the world.
Criswell promised a black rainbow,
perfect symbol against thinking we would
live forever. In the year 1999, the faithful,
journeying east towards Jerusalem,
unprovisioned, starved to death en route,
and in 1900 in Kargopol, Russia,
cultists locked themselves in their houses
and set them on fire, believing God
had promised them glory. The future
scares us silly, so we do silly things,
like the farmer who led seven
white-robed cows to the final hilltop
because heaven was a “long trip and
the kids will want milk.” Armageddon?
This morning a V of geese
wheeled overhead, snowplowing
through a climb of clouds, drawn home
by the miracle we call instinct,
as if the earth has a mind of its own,
and nothing human or divine can loose
the boulders of its bones
before its own sweet time.

Pamela Wagner ©
We Mad Climb Shaky Ladders

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